Azad Foundation is diligently engaged in rehabilitation and social integration of street working and living children. It is striving as a leading organization in rehabilitating the victims of abuse, providing basic services including information and referral to services provider, medical, shelter, education and sports for development to build their confidence in life.

Azad Foundation collects Zakat and Fitranah from all the reputable and blessed families and individuals around the globe to help the children living and working on the street of Pakistan. Most of the children are working on the streets due to the growing level of poverty in Pakistan. Thus, it is always important to provide them alternative resources. To minimize the severity of the issue, AF helps children to maintain their families by providing them microfinance so that they can start their small business activities and stay safe from the hazards of street life.


The Example of those who spend their wealth in way of Allah is like seed of grain which grows seven spikes; in each spike is hundred grains. And Allah multiplies His reward for whom he will. “

(The Holy Quran , 2:261)

We feel sure while making this appeal that the trust we repose in you will be reciprocated commensurately. So we call to come on and attain the rewardful blessings of Allah by contributing your Zakat, Fitranah, Kaffarah and Charity Donations benevolently for the rehabilitation and social integration of these children. Allah Almighty will certainly deliver you with His Mercy and Kindness benevolently, on the Day of Reckoning.

You can pay your ZAKAT, FITRANAH or KAFFARAH online through credit cards or PayPal on our website by clicking on respective icon.  Alternatively, you could make checks payable to the Azad Foundation and its projects in the Zakat Account of Azad Foundation. Account Details are as follow;

Title Of Account : AZAD FOUNDATION
IBAN# PK47DUIB0000000034736001