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Azad Foundation providing free Hygiene Kits, Basic grocery box, meat and financial assistance to vulnerable families and Personal Medial Protective Kits to doctors, paramedic and volunteers


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Azad Foundation is committed to improve the well-being and self-esteem of alienated and excluded street children, through unconditional positive support, whenever and wherever necessary; with the view to reintegrate them with the family and society. It shall ensure and establish that every child on streets is enabled to contribute to the structure of society in the sense of harmony, peace and socially integrated living.


What is the definition of street children?

UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) defines street children as:

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Why do children live or work on the streets?

Causes that bring children to streets may be different. It is an established fact supported by multiple researches and situational analyses that poverty and other contributing factors such as

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What kind of jobs do the Street children do?

Street children do menial jobs like garbage picking, unbounded labor, and selling minor items like newspapers, tissues, toys, flowers or cheap eating / wearing goods at signals / streets

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What are the risks of children being on the streets?

There are various possibilities of disastrous risks of a child being on the street. Including the vulnerable children who remain from being registered, not having any supervision

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How many Street children are there in Pakistan?

There are estimated 1.5 million children living in the street situations in Pakistan who are working or living in the streets. However,

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How many Street children are there in the world?

According to the UN (United Nations) report there are 100 to 140 million street children worldwide that is more than the entire population of France and Great Britain combined.

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How many organizations are working for Street children in Pakistan?

There are various types of organizations, such as National and International, empowering, service orientated and charitable organizations which are working for the rights of street children

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How many children are sexually exploited and abused in Pakistan every year?

There are various surveys available telling that each year almost 7-9 children are abused daily in Pakistan according to expert opinions. There are more than 3000 cases been reported almost every year mentioning varying figures

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What are the basic Child Protection issues in Pakistan?

Child protection issues in Pakistan are like the bitter truth of the nation before the world. There are as many issues of child protection including child labour

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What are the key policy issues of street Children in Pakistan?

There are various key policy issues for the children in street situations in Pakistan that include birth registration, child rights, child labor, child sexual abuse and exploitation,

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What is guiding Principal of the CRC (Convention on the Rights of Children)?

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child (UNCRC) does not only guarantee and entail basic rights to the children

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Fact About Street Children

In Pakistan

Till Now Children on the street benefit our services all over the Pakistan
Till Now Children reintegrated their family
Till Now Children protected from all type of abuse
Till Now Children avail social protection services
Till Now Children benefits our LSBE and education Programme


In next 5 years, Azad Foundation aims to strengthen government and civil society in all four provinces through capacity and coalition building to ensure improved and standardized policy implementation and programming for street connected children in Pakistan to address their protection concerns and establish prevention measures through strategy and policy development.

Service Provision

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Capacity Building and Strengthening the Government

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Advocacy and Policy development

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Research for avoidance collection

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At present Azad foundation is working on several projects in Pakistan on protection, prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of children connected to the streets to change their lives and bringing out of street. You can choose any of our projects

Project in: Islamabad and Karachi

Child friendly creative learning centers

To nurturing potation of street connected children through LSBE, Sport, Music, Art and digital arts, counseling and Performing arts

$ 140,000 Donation Needed

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Project in: Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi

Changing Lives through Sport (S4D)

S4D is Community intervention model in child protection context implementing through communities.

$ 150,000 Donation Needed

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Project in: Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta

“AB BUS KARO” Campaign

Protected Children from sexual exploitation

$ 111,000 Donation Needed

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Our youth deserve a healthy and educated future. We can beat hunger and vulnerability, eliminate Child trafficking, Drug abuse, and can promote the rights of street children.
Through this, we will become an exemplary community before the world and can prove to be one Nation who care and reflect on its social issues collectively.
One Voice, One Nation with Azad Foundation Pakistan.
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Peshawar Project

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“AB BUS KARO” Campaign

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Sport activities

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Why Azad’s legacy is favoured, obliged



20 years and 144000+ children have got a second chance to live a normal life because of the Azad Foundation. To me this seems a huge beginning of the positive change that we all want to see in society

SYED Jahngir Hasan

Walking on the critical path of saving the alienated and at risk street children Azad Foundation has impressively been strengthening the rights of these children nationally and internationally with no time boundaries.

Mahajabbin Zaidi


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Azad Foundation has aligned itself with several governmental, national and international non-government partners during the years that passed to extend advocacy and policy change, protection and prevention services to Children Living and/or Working on Streets.


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